Post-Birthday Update

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I’ve been flooded with cards and letters wishing me a happy birthday for the past week, and it’s been really awesome to get so much support.

You know what else is awesome? Punk shows. Especially when they’re for your post-release fund. I’m so humbled and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Events like this are super-important, not only to support people in my position, but to bring our community closer together, strengthen our movement. I hear it was a really great time and included dancing rabbis, among other things. Many thanks to the organizers, everyone who attended, and all the bands that played. I can’t wait to check out your music when I get out!

If I can just ask one thing, it’s that you please not make a hero of me. Please continue to give me the love and support you’ve been so great about giving this far — I can definitely use it — but let it be from a place of mutual aid, from a place that recalls that I’m just a dude who got caught. “Hero” doesn’t sounds like a fun position to be in, and in all seriousness, if you put me in it, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Just seems like a good time to say that.

Hitting the ⅓ mark a few days after my birthday and looking forward to it. Staying busy reading, writing and translating.

Thanks again for everything! See you soon!