Still Here

NOTE: This update was written on 5/13/2020 and received on 5/20/2020

Hey Everyone, still here. Most sentenced inmates were released the last week of March, but there are still 150 of us on the island, in addition to the 4000 detainees. Our dorm was much less crowded for a little while, but DOC has been moving lots of us into one crowded dorm again in the past couple weeks. There are about 30 of us now so it’s impossible to social distance again. Most of the surfaces people touch in the public areas of the building are never sanitized, and only about half of DOC staff are wearing masks. They gave us all knockoff 400 game-in-1 Gameboys, though, so we should be fine.

I’ve been told I’ve been approved for release to home confinement with an ankle monitor but it’s been over a month and there’s been no news, or even any indication of when there might be news. Supposedly the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and the DOC are working on it. It would be great if they actually were, and I know people on the outside are working to keep the pressure up (thank you !), but for my own peace of mind, I’ve turned my focus back to October. I’m over the hump now — only 5 months to go! Still getting & lovoing your mail, just behind on responding to it because things have been kinda crazy in here. Take care out there!


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