Book List

Update: A huge thank you from David to everyone who has sent him books! As of right now he’s got a bunch to read and has asked to hold off on sending more while he reads them. For now, please continue (or start) writing to David. Thanks!

Another great way to support David is to send him a book. David curated a list of books he’d like to read to pass the time. Pick something off the list and send us an email with what you picked so we can take it off the shelf. Also, if you know of a book you think he will enjoy, but it is not on this list, feel free to send him a copy.

David also likes to read texts that are either hard to find as books or aren’t books at all. Perhaps you could print off a copy for him:

  • On Writer’s Block, Research and Character Backstory
  • Anarchism from A to Z by H.Duthel
  • Any annotated work of a great philosopher (dealer’s choice on which philosopher)
  • French news articles (daily or weekly would be awesome!)
  • Interviews with, articles on, or essays by Deanna Van Buren
  • THE UNEXPECTED – From center to periphery, n°3 of Hourriya
  • Spanish Textbooks (dealer’s choice)
  • French Textbooks (dealer’s choice)
  • Into That Darkness by Gitta Sereny (but without the cover for obvious reasons)
  • Intro to psychology books (dealer’s choice)

IMPORTANT: if you want David to write back to you, you must include your return address in the letter body. Rikers officials do not let David keep the envelope.

David’s current address is:

David Campbell #3101900657
Robert N. Davoren Complex
11-11 Hazen St
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Also, important information about sending printed material to an inmate:

There is no restriction upon incoming or outgoing prisoner correspondence based upon either the amount of correspondence sent or received, or the language in which correspondence is written.  There is no limit on the amount of legal material and law books or legal publications an inmate may receive provided that, as stated above, no package may exceed fifteen pounds (15 lbs.) and each package must be less than twenty-four inches (24″) wide, twelve inches (12″) high, and twenty-four inches (24″) deep.  Inmates may receive one cubic foot (12 inches X 12 inches X 12 inches) of non-legal printed materials, including soft and hardcover books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, advertisements and other printed articles, in any combination.

You can read more here.