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COVID-19 Update

NOTE: This update was written on 3/23/2020 and received on 3/27/2020

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re staying safe & sane out there! Things have gotten hectic in here. As public health officials, including the current and former top doctors for DOC [Department of Corrections], and even COs, off the record, will tell you — the DOC cannot possible prevent or contain this outbreak without taking immediate steps to drastically reduce the inmate population. They are very slowly releasing people, but not nearly enough, and not nearly fast enough. They almost NEVER provide us with sufficient or appropriate cleaning supplies. They post signs advising us to stay 6 feet apart and then move even more people into an already crowded 48-bed dorm, including people, as we later found out, who had been tested for coronavirus in their previous housing unit. The DOC moved them into our dorm before their test results came back. Less than 24 hours later they were moved out because their results were positive. Captains and Deputy Wardens give us the usual lies, non-answers and obfuscations. Yesterday, my dorm and the dorm across the hall carried out a 24-hour meal and work strike to protest these conditions and to demand the immediate release of all inmates 50 and older, all inmates with chronic health issues, all parole violators, and all inmates with less than a year remaining, as recommended by the Board of Corrections itself. In response, DOC provided us with cleaning supplies, PPE, and promised regular screenings — but these are things they should have been doing for weeks anyway.

This is a huge problem for incarcerated folx, of course, but it’s also a public health issue. If the virus continues to spread in here, it will serve as a resevior for the disease to reinfect the community, outside through COs and other staff, who come and go everyday, and inmates returning home, long after the curve is flattened outside.

Other than that I’m holing up OK. Trying to to say busy & stay healthy.


Post-Birthday Update

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I’ve been flooded with cards and letters wishing me a happy birthday for the past week, and it’s been really awesome to get so much support.

You know what else is awesome? Punk shows. Especially when they’re for your post-release fund. I’m so humbled and overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Events like this are super-important, not only to support people in my position, but to bring our community closer together, strengthen our movement. I hear it was a really great time and included dancing rabbis, among other things. Many thanks to the organizers, everyone who attended, and all the bands that played. I can’t wait to check out your music when I get out!

If I can just ask one thing, it’s that you please not make a hero of me. Please continue to give me the love and support you’ve been so great about giving this far — I can definitely use it — but let it be from a place of mutual aid, from a place that recalls that I’m just a dude who got caught. “Hero” doesn’t sounds like a fun position to be in, and in all seriousness, if you put me in it, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Just seems like a good time to say that.

Hitting the ⅓ mark a few days after my birthday and looking forward to it. Staying busy reading, writing and translating.

Thanks again for everything! See you soon!