Write to David

Write a letter to David in the form below, and we’ll print it off and mail it to him!

Guidelines for writing to David and other prisoners courtesy of NYC ABC:

  • You cannot enclose glitter or write with glittery gel pens or puff paint pens. It is usually best to write in standard pencil or non-gel pen in blue or black ink.
  • You cannot include articles or anything else torn out of a newspaper or magazine. However, you can print that same article from the internet or photocopy it and write your letter on the other side.
  • You cannot include Polaroid pictures, but you can include regular photographs. Specific to NYC: you cannot include photographs that include pictures of the inmate.
  • If mailing more than a letter, clearly write the contents of the envelope/package. Label it “CONTENTS” and include a full list.
  • Make sure you include your return address inside the letter as well as on the envelope. Rikers officials do not let David keep the envelope.
  • Make sure to number each page, such as 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc. This insures that if pages of your letter don’t make it to the prisoner, they will know it.
  • Be careful about making promises and only commit to what you are certain you can do. This should go without saying, but it’s not a good idea to make commitments to someone you don’t have a relationship with. If you can’t maintain a correspondence, let them know up front. Conversely, if you want to maintain an ongoing correspondence, let them know that as well.
  • Don’t valorize the person you are writing. Keep in mind that these are folks coming from the same movements and communities that you are. They aren’t looking for adoration, but rather to maintain correspondence.
  • Finally, do not write anything you wouldn’t want Fox News, a cop, or a judge to see. Assume that intelligence and law enforcement agencies are reading your letter.

Not sure what to write about? Check the Interests page!

You can also write to David directly. IMPORTANT: if you want David to write back to you, you must include your return address in the letter body. Rikers officials do not let David keep the envelope.

David’s current address is:

David Campbell #3101900657
Robert N. Davoren Complex
11-11 Hazen St
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

Update: David would like to thank everyone who has sent him letters so far! Your letters mean a whole lot.